Leash walking your Chihuahua

Leash walking your Chihuahua.

Fit your puppy with a collar or training harness and let him get used to it.  Initially, he may scratch  at the collar to try and get it off.  Even though he may seem annoyed, don’t take it off.

Distract him.  Give him a chew toy to keep occupied and distracted from thinking about the collar.

Attach a soft leash to the ring on your dog’s collar or harness and let him walk around the house for a short time with the leash dragging behind him.

Give him a treat when you put the leash on, so he learns to associate it with something positive.

It is also a good idea to encourage him to walk alongside you.  Call gun, coax him and make it fun, but don’t pick up the leash just yet.

The next step to leash training is teaching your puppy that the leash has two ends – and you’re attached to the other end!    Your job is to hold the leash, not keep it as tight as you can.  Remember this point from the start and avoid tugging and pulling on your puppy.

When your puppy is used to the leash, take him outside into the garden for a training session.  Let him walk alongside you (try for the left).  When he walks with a slack lead, praise him and offer a treat.  If he tugs or pulls at the lead, stop immediately.  Call him back to your left leg and start again.  He’ll soon learn that if he tugs, you st0p walking and he gets now where .

Keep the first session short but fun.  Continue until your puppy learns to walk properly.  Make the sessions slightly longer as he gets older and better at it.  Use your voice and body language to show your delight at his progress.



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