Tea Cup | Pocket Chihuahuas

Let me start by being very frank, there’s ONLY ONE Chihuahua classification “Toy Breed” plain and simple! There are no “t – cup” “teacup” no “teddy bear micro mini” no “babydoll miniature” no “pocket puppy” no “standard” Chihuahua puppies or Chihuahua adults.

As with all living things, there will be size variance between individual dogs within this breed.

Look within the human family – brothers and sisters will differ in height and in weight, as well as other physical attributes. They are described as humans, male or female, and there is seldom if ever a need to break the description down further. The same holds true in regard to the Chihuahua; they are Chihuahuas – Long Coat / Smooth Coat!

Unfortunately, the additional adjectives used to describe the size differences and physical appearances are many and have been misused for so long they now seem legitimate. Teacup, Pocket Size, Tiny Toy, Miniature or Standard – are just a few of the many tags and labels that have been attached to this breed over the years. These terms may be used to entice prospective buyers into thinking that puppies described in this way are of greater monetary value. They are not and the use of these terms is incorrect and misleading.

Occasionally, within a litter, there may be a puppy that is unusually small. That puppy is a small Chihuahua and any other breakdown in description is not correct. To attach any of these additional labels to a particular puppy is to misrepresent that Chihuahua as something that is rare or exceptional and causes a great deal of confusion among those new fanciers who are looking for a Chihuahua.

We recognize that many Chihuahua fanciers do want the very small puppy. While they are adorable and can be perfectly healthy, the buyer should be cautioned as to the extra care that may be required with regard to their general health and well-being. What they DON’T disclose the smaller the dog the larger the vet bills!